Intelligent Assigning

When assigning appraisers to specific appraisal orders, Appraisal Valet incorporates an unparalleled blend of GPS-assisted technology, human common sense, geographical competency, and appraiser performance scores to find the right fit.


Geographical Competency

Some appraisers specialize in appraising in market areas where they do not reside.  With that being said, the typical borrower casts doubt on the validity of an appraisal if the appraiser’s office is too distant from their property.  At Appraisal Valet, we realize that perception is reality.

We are fully committed to utilizing appraisers who reside in the same communities in which they work.  Our in-house policies require assignors to obtain management approval before exceeding generally accepted guidelines.  By selecting appraisers who are highly experienced local experts, we remove the question of geographical competency from the equation.


GPS based technology

Our assigners utilize GPS based technology to determine the distance of each approved appraiser from the subject property.  Proximity from the subject property is one of the key components taken into consideration when assigning appraisals in order to assure geographical competency.