Our Mission

To achieve national appraisal management excellence by surrounding ourselves with ethical lenders, the highest quality appraisers, as well as a highly trained team ready and willing to provide the very best communication possible between lenders, appraisers, and all other parties involved in the loan process.

We are achieving appraisal management excellence by:

  • Providing a state-of-the-art web based platform for appraisal ordering, report management, and compliant record keeping.
  • Serving all our clients professionally, one appraisal at a time.
  • Allowing licensed professionals on our panel the Appraiser Independence they are entitled to.
  • Staying abreast and compliant with regulatory change continually shaping our industry.
  • Serving as a transparent ‘firewall’ between lenders and appraisers.
  • Maintaining a national network of highly respected local appraisal experts.
  • Providing our clients with the highest level of compliant communication possible.