Our foundation is Service.  Appraisal Valet has been built on a foundation of superior service which sets it apart from its competitors.  We’ve earned our reputation of providing the best service in the industry which is clearly evident from the moment your appraisal request is placed to the instant you receive your report.  Your interaction with our staff, management, compliance specialists, and our quality control team is in a class of its own.  At Appraisal Valet, we realize the importance of each & every transaction and recognize the significance of our role in delivering sound and credible valuations.  We strive to create long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Hands-On Team. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make the difference!  Every order is professionally managed by a team of individuals that personally care about your borrower, the property being appraised, the appraiser selected for the assignment, your timeliness expectations, the quality of the work product delivered.   Our new client integration team will assess your service & appraisal expectations and develop a detailed service agreement to assure concise implementation.

Our key to success is a team approach. Our account representatives will immediately be considered a highly valued part of your team, providing advice & solutions to all valuation complexities.  By selecting Appraisal Valet, you will be working with professionals that care as much as you do about your transaction and create synergy to your team, allowing your business to achieve a level of success beyond your expectations.

Easy-to-Use Online Ordering & Management Platform.  Our online management system makes appraisal ordering simple and convenient.

We can also work with you to integrate with your LOS system, allowing seamless online ordering for loan officers and operations staff.

24/7 Order Tracking. Our technology allows you to login and check the status of your orders twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  We can also customize your e-mail notifications to give you as much automatic notification as you’d like.  Our appraisers are trained to update the status of their orders in order to allow the transparency you need to stay on track.

GPS-Assisted Assigning. Our assigners utilize GPS based technology to determine the distance of each approved appraiser from the subject property.  Proximity from the subject property is one of the key components taken into consideration when assigning appraisals in order to assure geographical competency.  Your appraisal order will be given immediate attention and will be assigned promptly to a geographically competent valuation expert.

Payment Processing. We recommend pre-payment from your borrower on all appraisals.  Borrower pre-payment for the appraisal is a good way of securing commitment and avoiding unintended costs in the event that the borrower elects not to pursue financing.  Appraisal Valet accepts major credit cards and debit cards with no added fees passed on to the client.  Other fee collection arrangements are possible although must be agreed to and set forth in a service agreement.

In-House Appraisal Staff. The management structure at Appraisal Valet allows for direct access to licensed in-house appraisers who can provide answers to any valuation question or complexity you may have.  Our Chief Appraiser and in-house quality control appraisers advise lending professionals, including underwriters and loan officers, on a regular basis.  Over the years, we have discovered that our approved appraisers appreciate the fact that their reports are viewed by licensed appraisal experts and we have found that our lender clients appreciate the fact that they can obtain reliable appraisal information from trained & licensed appraisal professionals.

Problem Solvers. Typically each loan and associated appraisal has a unique problem to be solved.  Whether it be a specific access issue, a special timing need, a complexity that is property specific, or simply a special communication need, the Appraisal Valet team is well trained to provide a simple solution or to escalate your more complex problems quickly to provide the best possible advice.  Appraisal Valet is qualified and equipped to tackle any challenge you may have.

Leaders. In the world of appraisal management companies, Appraisal Valet is considered ‘best in class’ due to its fair treatment to appraisers, prompt & effective communication skills with clients, regulatory compliance, as well as accurate reports relied upon daily to fund loans by a wide variety of mortgage companies, banks, and credit unions.

Customizable Service. At Appraisal Valet we understand that no two clients are alike.  Our welcome & integration team will inquire about your specific ordering and delivery needs.  Our business model allows us the flexibility to develop a custom service package for your specific lending needs.  Whether you need your appraisers approved at a specific lender, you need appraisers with particular designations, or you’d like to meet in person or online to customize specific AIR-compliant instructions to appraisers for your orders, we are pleased to develop a custom solution to meet your needs.