Proven Track Record

We are commonly contacted by prospective new clients that are frustrated with their existing appraisal management company.  The AMC industry is plagued by large companies that make false promises with the single goal of obtaining new business.  Appraisal Valet prefers to do business with select clients; those who care about communication, report quality, compliance, delivered promises, and accurate valuations.  Many of our clients have run us head-to-head against competing AMC’s and in each case Appraisal Valet has prevailed in terms of timeliness, customer service, and delivery of reports that require least corrections.


Appraisal Valet features cutting edge technology including electronic updates, online tracking, and GPS-assisted order routing.  While constantly attempting to improve your experience by the use of the latest & greatest technological improvements, we realize that the human touch we lend to each appraisal order is vital to your success and ours.

Timely Reports

Each appraisal request made on the Appraisal Valet platform has an associated due date.  We know the importance of each appraisal due date and we regularly meet or beat your anticipated due date in most instances.  There are occasions when property access or complexity results in a due date that must be adjusted.  Our staff and appraisal team is trained to closely monitor any access or complexity issue that may result in an extension of your due date.  Any issue affecting your appraisal due date will be communicated to you as soon as it is realized so you can proactively communicate any timeline change to the parties involved in the transaction.

  • When placed during ordinary business hours, orders assigned are routed to the appraiser the same day they are assigned.
  • The appraiser is required to make contact with the owner within 1 business day of accepting the order.
  • Inspections are scheduled for the soonest time mutually convenient between owner and appraiser.
  • Appraisal reports are typically delivered within 6-9 business days, depending on mortgage lending volume and property access.
  • ‘Rush’ requests can be accommodated.