Client Testimonials

Here’s what our trusted clients have to say about us…

“Thank you Appraisal Valet Team! What an amazing team you are. And for that I would personally like to say “THANK YOU” for such a wonderful experience and best of all, for your “Amazing & Excellent” customer service skills.” -Anne, Loan Officer

“Thanks for all your great help today, you ROCK!” –Olivia, Credit Union Processor

“Thank you! You folks do a great job and I appreciate it! -David, Mortgage Broker

“That’s why I use you guys, thanks for the quick response time!” -Ryan, Loan Officer

Thanks for your follow up.  You are so great to work with.” – Lisa, Loan Processor

“I want to thank you for your integrity. You made me look good today. I appreciate working with you.” –Jennifer, Mortgage Banker

“Thanks for the updates. I really like that about your company.” –Lori, Senior Loan Officer

“Absolutely perfect job, this was communicated perfectly to the appraiser. Great job!” –Renee, Underwriter

“Thank you for the updates, and for your efforts. I appreciate the fast follow through.” –Mike, Loan Officer

“Thank you for your great communication!” –Cathy, Senior Loan Officer

“Thanks for the help. You’re like a breath of fresh air as opposed to some of the other appraisal management companies we have dealt with in the past!” – Richard, Branch Manager

Thank you for all of your help, your group there is amazing, and if you can’t tell our branch loves you guys!!!” –Michelle, Mortgage Banker

“Thanks so much! We really like you guys and will continue to use you.” –Brittany, Loan Officer

“You are the best! Thank you so much!” –Delores, Loan Coordinator


Appraiser Testimonials

Here’s what our trusted appraisers have to say about us…

Appraisal Valet is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals that not only have a strong understanding of the appraisal process, they also understand the meaning of “value added” service. They prove their value every day, on every job.  I’m proud to work with Appraisal Valet!  – Mark, Certified Residential Appraiser

“I want to let you know I really appreciate what you do, how hard you work, and how nice you are.  I know what the pressures are like when you are between the lenders, the owner, and the appraisers.  It’s really a hot seat and you do a great job. Thank you for being so nice.” – Cheryl, Certified Appraiser

“Thank you so much, you are a great client!” – Colin, Certified Appraiser

“Hallelujah! It’s good to see an appraisal management company that will compensate for the work done in our challenging market areas.” –Vivia, Certified Appraiser

“I just wanted to thank you for such quick payment. It’s still nice to know that people are good to their word! Thanks again!” –Donna, Certified Appraiser

“You guys are my favorite AMC to work with. With your company, you truly care about the appraisers, not just getting a quick turn time, which makes appraisers want to work harder, faster, and better for you. Thank you so much!” Kento, Certified Appraiser

“I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that I enjoy working with your company.  Your company is head and shoulders above any other appraisal management company I have worked with.” –Bret, Certified Appraiser

“Happy to be part of your team!” –Mark,  Certified Appraiser

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I really enjoy doing work for you.” –Cynthia, Certified Appraiser

“It has been my pleasure working with you over the past year. Each of you are courteous and professional and I really appreciate the way you treat your appraisers. You are easily the best appraisal management company I’ve encountered”  –Jason, Certified Appraiser

“Thank you for being such a great client of mine. You are a great company to work for. Reliable payments, effective communication, and a knowledgeable staff…what could be better?” –Steve, Licensed Appraiser