Trusted Valuations


Appraisal Valet’s panel of appraisal experts are typically highly respected in their local markets, often write reports that surpass minimum client guidelines, and are valued partners in serving our lender clients.

To be eligible for inclusion on Appraisal Valet’s panel of approved appraisers, an appraiser, at a minimum, must:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years of licensed real estate appraisal experience.
  • Be licensed or certified in the state which he/she conduct business.
  • Carry a minimum $300,000 errors and omissions insurance policy.
  • Be approved to work with secondary investors of our clients.
  • Demonstrate competency through the submission of at least 2 recent work samples which are examined by a in-house appraisers for purposes of confirming report quality, completeness, appropriateness, and reasonableness in relation to USPAP, GSE guidelines, etc.
  • Read, understand, and sign Appraisal Valet’s policies & procedures manual including the “Appraiser Expectations” page, which outlines standards of professionalism, conduct, and communication.


Our reputation of convenient, effective, and professional communication sets us apart from others in our industry.

Appraisal Valet specializes in the art of communication between lenders, appraisers, underwriters, realtors, and borrowers.  Our team understands the sensitivity involved in each transaction and the role of the parties involved.  When placing appraisal requests online, we invite you to include information regarding any issues or sensitivities regarding access, report timing, property uniqueness, etc.  You can trust our team to clearly & professionally communicate with all parties we encounter.


Appraisal Valet’s primary core values are engrained in our company policies, management & support team, and extensive quality control systems.

Very Best Communication – timely, effective & compliant communication provided each and every transaction.

Appraisers Assigned Intelligently – selection & assignment of local specialists who are proven valuation experts.

Loyalty – we respect, value, and treasure our partnership with both lenders and appraisers.

Excellence – extensive quality control process instills reliable reports and regulatory compliance.

Teamwork – our team provides a level of support, expertise, and advice that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Performance Matrix

Appraisal Valet’s performance matrix grading system encourages appraisers to write quality reports, to double check their work for common mistakes, to communicate with us regarding anticipated delivery dates, and to behave professionally.

Have you ever had a loan deal on a very tight timeline and its success depended on everything running smoothly?  Have you ever been in underwriting, hedging that everything would go as planned, when you receive that laundry list of appraisal conditions at the last minute showing that the appraisal is chock full of mistakes and doesn’t meet guidelines?  Appraisal Valet can help you avoid having that uncomfortable conversation with borrowers and realtors!

Each and every one of the appraisals we manage undergo an extensive quality control analysis.  Our quoted turn times to lenders include sufficient time for this thorough QC process to take place.  If our QC team finds a report error or notes that the report does not meet client guidelines, the appraiser is immediately asked for a corrected report.  This process normally takes place behind the scenes before you receive your first copy of the report, ensuring that the report you receive has the best likelihood of sailing through underwriting as smoothly as possible.

A numerical grade is given to each report by our QC team based on a performance matrix of four categories:

  • Report Errors
  • Appraisal Theory
  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness

Appraisal Valet performance scores for each appraiser are tallied on a quarterly basis.  Those appraisers with higher performance scores are given more opportunity for work assignments.