We already use a different appraisal management company, why should we switch?

What should my borrower do to prepare for inspection?

What kind of turn time can we expect for delivery of the report?

Do you cover all areas?

Can you also handle FHA loans?

Can we order title through Appraisal Valet like some AMCs offer?

What is your capacity to take on a substantial number of new orders?

If a loan transitions from conforming to FHA after the original appraisal is completed, is a second full fee appraisal required?

If we have a valid value dispute or question, what is your solution?

As an Appraisal Management Company, do you charge more for an appraisal than if we order directly from the appraiser?

Do you send local appraisers to complete assignments?

Is it faster to go directly to the appraiser to order?