Why Appraisal Valet?

It’s simple. Quality, service, and reliability.

Enhanced Lending Experience

Reputations are built in more than a day, week or month. How many of your competitors become hostage to the appraisal process as a result of poor communication, unexpected fees or even worse delayed closings?

At Appraisal Valet we excel at problem solving and communication. We recognize that our appraisers are the face of your transaction and that we have one chance to catapult your reputation. This BOOST is achieved by partnering with the sharpest & most responsive appraisal professionals in the industry. Furthermore, our commitment to communication surpasses any other AMC in the industry!


People matter in everything we do.  Client and appraiser testimonials serve as proof that your Appraisal Management Company can be a vital partner resulting in faster and closings and a greater level of client satisfaction.


One of the fundamental purposes of an appraisal management company is to match up appraiser ability and availability with property location and complexity.  Each appraiser has a unique perspective on the market and a different level of experience and expertise.  Would you take a VW to the racetrack?  No, but you might drive it to the store.  We monitor all levels of appraiser performance (timeliness, theory, professionalism & revisions) in order to consistently provide on-time delivery with the highest quality of reports.  Our staff of In-House Appraisers tirelessly work to communicate and educate appraisers as well as to thoroughly explain the assignment results to our clients.  Let our team show you what a difference performance can make.


If you are a prospective client we urge you to contact our office to obtain credentials necessary to login as a client user. Prospective appraisers are invited to apply via the Appraiser Registration link at the bottom of our homepage.